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There’s a lot to see in Music City, and traveling as a group sometimes can be a bit…crazy:


Use these time saving tips to stay on top of your bach game throughout your weekend in Nashville.

1. MAP IT OUT Once you’ve decided on your itinerary for the weekend, be sure to map out the best route to eliminate back tracking and travel time. The Bach Brand City Guide (found in our boxes) is super helpful to plan based on the neighborhoods in Nashville. Use Waze and be aware of sporting events and concerts that could back up traffic. Arriving during the weekday? Fear the devil known as Interstate 65 anytime between 3:30-6:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

2. AVOID THE LINES Make reservations ahead of time using OpenTable or use apps like Nowait to skip the long waiting times. If you’re all about the food and less about the in-person experience, try ordering online for pickup (Biscuit Love!).

3. HYDRATE Eliminate downtime from nasty hangovers by drinking lots of water throughout the day before you go out. Looking for a quick pre-party boost? Try IV hydration therapy with our brand partner, IntraVenous Solutions, for dehydration prevention. If you went a little too hard, stop by the morning after for a hangover cure or they can come to you!

4. KEEP CASH HANDY Going to the bars? Don’t forget to grab cash before you go out for cover fees (if you’re planning on enjoying a drag show at Play Dance Bar, bring some singles) and avoid high ATM fees. Pro tip: stop by a grocery store and request cash back.