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Your sister just got engaged and you check your bank account only to find a track record of just how many houseplants you bought in the last month and a measly $3.84. Yikes. Her wedding is in t-minus eight months and you’ve got to start planning the best bachelorette anyone has ever seen because your sister is the best person anyone has ever met. Before you hit the panic button, check out these six money saving tips for keeping the bachelorette budget in line.

Tip #1: Plan ahead. 

It might seem obvious, especially with the seven Pinterest boards each of your sisters’ bridesmaids have already started, but planning ahead for the little details will eliminate a lot of last minute impulse buying the weekend of. Talk it over with the bride-to-be to figure out her top priority of things to do and plan around the bigger ticket items first. 

Tip #2: Rent an AirBnB with a kitchen.

One of the biggest unexpected expenses during any bachelorette is the food. If you’re truly trying to penny pinch, consider renting an AirBnB with a kitchen over a hotel room. Have the group pitch in on some groceries for the weekend to cook breakfast in the mornings or at least brew coffee to avoid paying $6 a cup at Starbucks. Check out our top recommendations for accommodations in Nashville, New Orleans and Charleston.

Tip #3: Venmo request that ish.

It’s a group effort to pull off an entire weekend full of fun so don’t feel obligated to pay for the ride shares, meals, or accommodation alone. Request to split that shit! Ensure everyone in the group has Venmo, Cash App or PayPal downloaded before the weekend begins. We’ve all heard that excuse before, ‘Darn, my flip phone doesn’t let me download apps. I can pay you back when we get back though.’ Yeah. Right. If someone isn’t able to connect their bank account or they’re still rocking their 2006 Razr, get directions to the nearest ATM.  

Tip #4: Get crafty.

Dust off those Pinterest boards, ladies. It’s time to actually craft some of the pins rather than just looking at them. Invest in gifts for the bride that are keepsakes rather than spending a ton on fancy paper plates or items that are thrown away after the weekend is over. Need ideas? Follow us on Pinterest to get started. 

Tip #5: Be honest.

Trips of any kind are expensive. It’s nothing to be ashamed of to tell the group and the bride you’re cost conscious. It’s likely there are other members of the crew that binge-read Dave Ramsey’s books too. You can brainstorm ways to keep expenses low together or determine what’s worth the splurge. Check in with the crew regularly to ensure everyone is staying within the bachelorette budget.

Tip #6: Save up, duh.

It might seem obvious but as soon as you’re asked (or expected) to plan the bachelorette, start saving. You’ll feel more relaxed as the day approaches the sooner you begin setting aside a few dollars here and there. Use savings apps like Qapital or Tip Yourself to slowly accumulate your bach cash stash. Or download budgeting tools like Mint or You Need a Budget to keep you on track. Subscribe to our emails and download a free Ultimate Planning Checklist to meet deadlines and forecast your bachelorette budget.